art education

ask and you shall receive

Not that I directly asked, but I recently had a little diatribe about my disatisfaction of art education and availability of truth and helpful information for artists. Low and behold, while youtube searching for ''artist success" I came across a video series made last year about just that.

So this guy, Tim Packer, stepped up to the plate and made some videos giving aspiring artists some real concrete advice and tips of the trade. He makes incredible artwork, his stuff is super unique and beautiful, and he has an amazing Canadian accent. [makes me long for the day MN is adopted by its true parent Canada] 

He is an established sucessful arist and he is sharing what he has learned and putting it out there in a non-condescending, totally accesible way. He's not just talking about the personal/mental side of what it takes, he's doing videos about acutal art composition. 

I also like that he doesn't stress any particular style and sends the message that there is room for any style of artwork in the art community, as long as you put in the work. Which is refreshing to hear. 

Check him out at: